Superhero Serenade

Ironman I, II, and III.  Superman, Wolverine, and the Avengers.  It seems like those comic book characters from my youth have taken over the theatre.  While high adventure reigns on the screen, not much mention is made of the ‘real lives’ of these super heroes.

How about their girl friends?  Have you thought about what it must be like to be the girlfriend of any of the above mentioned?  Would that relationship be scary or wonderful beyond your dreams?  Behind the scenes, when the superheroes aren’t baffling bad guys, or duping dumb crooks, what are they really like?  Sort of like asking about the man behind the mask.  Theatre would make it seem like a wonderful expression of love at every turn, but…  Those wonder guys are supposed to be human too.  Human and full of angst, worry, and concern for you and your needs, or maybe their own human frailness.

That is the setting that Song finds herself in, in Chronicles of Orm, Legend of Cre –lo – Way.  Her man can do all things.  He can move mountains for her, literally, with the eager help of the earth, sea, and sky, nothing is beyond his reach within the realm of Light that he offers to all who believe.  She believes in him, his awesome powers, and in him as the plain, shy man that she knows as Orm.  But, she wonders, as most women might, is she truly in love with him, as Orm the man or she simply swept away by his awesome powers.

At length, her ache of question comes to the surface in her poem/song of loves question.  Can you sing with her?  Will you cry out in angst with her as she rises above the assembly in torment of question – Is she in love with a statue?  Or a man…

Follow our story as the courtyard tile explodes around her in over wrapping bands of peach colored bands of light and serenade of love.

Tile played refrain for her thoughts, gently blowing rich peach colors of tumble around her, helping her to stand before all others…

–Orchestration of tile—

“Who am I to wonder

What have I to dread

Why am I downhearted

Or maybe…  Just sick inside my head

Oh…  When he holds me

He takes my breath away

I’ll fly with him forever

Wherever he goes?  I’ll stay – aye  –  aye.

Oh  –  oh  –  ah  –  aye.

Yet part of me has question

Help me understand?

Am I in love with a statue…  Or a man…?

–      -Orchestration of tile changes to broader theme with bright strokes of green and crimson for him –

When he takes off on adventure

I’ll fly away with him

Help him through each moment

Whether happiness or grim…

Oh…  Someday they’ll take his name

Create a statue for his fame

Will I then be counted

Or be left outside in shame

Oh  –  oh  –  ah  –  aye

Yet part of me has question

Help me understand?

Am I in love with a statue…  Or a man…?

–Orchestration tones down blending rose red with that of peach  —

Some say love lasts forever

Will it be true for me

I’ll always love him…  No matter what

Will our love forever be?

Oh  –  oh  –  ah  –  aye

Oh…  Part of me has question

Help me understand…

Am I in love with a statue…  Or a man…?”

Tile pulsed with rose and peach colored fountains of light, bugling her question to courtyard and beyond.

Those in assembly gasped at her display of love, nodding of agreement of her.

Once again silence reigned, broken only by her quiet sobs and soon those of others.

Could her story play in your heart?  Do you understand her plight before mankind and the earth, sea, and sky?

Song continues in the story to become not just his love but a power of light in her way.  She sings her way to the relief of the wonderful Forest of Quinn, which no man or woman dares to approach upon pain of death, but…  Song, in her unique way, breaks through the thousand year stand of dismay and becomes queen of the forest.  That story is due next week…  Stay sharp as an arrow and – stay tuned.