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Is this a Rite of Spring??

Is this a Rite of spring?

To take grandson and granddaughter for a long walk on an early spring day,

Watching their eyes take it all in, wanting to run and play.

Little David, now proudly three, takes a look at a puddle, what does he see?

Does he see a puddle as I do, or is it a mystery to examine for free?

With a flourish of spray he jumps in for fun, losing his balance and falls back in shock,

What will he do, I wonder for a second, as he looks at his wet pants, hands, and yells to the whole block,

Hee, hee, this is fun, come on grandpa, come on, just a bit,

I laugh as I remember me doing the same thing, not wanting to quit.

So I join him in splash, making him grin and dash,

Race you to the next one, he’s off with a dash.

An’ I wonder – is this a Rite of Spring?


Almost ready, will you come with me???

Almost there. The book content from ‘From the brink of Disaster, is ready to use as Christian Radio Theatre episodes. Currently in negotiations with an AM Christian talk radio station where it may be possible to start my own 25 minute radio theatre show, featuring my book content in radio episode form.
The message on my heart to share is this: That Jesus is the Light of the world and in Him is no darkness at all. Each book/episode comes to a point where a character leads another to Christ, explaining a clear path to Salvation. Episodes also challenge you as a Christian listener to become aware of the edge of darkness, seeking to kill, maim, and destroy, that is around us.
You can share as this ministry opportunity gets on track with PSP.
What is PSP?
Pray that From the Brink of Disaster will encourage Christians in their Christian walk.
Share with one another on Face Book or other means about this exciting new radio theatre opportunity.
Participate by calling in to the station with questions or comments, or by letting me know at or at
As soon as secure financing is available we can begin a thirteen minimum episode journey together. Are you ready?
A BIG THANK YOU to all that commented on the intial five trial episodes on FB. Your comments helped refine the new series to higher potential. A short break will occur as I gear up for the radio episodes which will soon ‘catch up to where we left off. Stay tuned… and PSP as you are led. In Christ. Terry Palmer