Imagery Within The Environment

Imagery within the environment

Sometimes the way you write is just as marketable as what you write.  In Chronicles of Orm, Legend of Cre – lo – Way, the writer uses Imagery to bring the environment into each scene as an active third of fourth character.  In some cases the main characters need to step back and let the earth, sea, and sky take charge of a scene as the main characters.

Imagine if you will that you have two scenes side by side.  The first has the earth, sea, and sky as inactive landscape, used by the main characters as a simple backdrop for what they are doing or saying.  Some writers seek to embellish this with long descriptive narrative, placing the action somewhere else in the script.

Imagine in the second scene as the earth, sea, and sky become not just active participants, but lead characters in what they accomplish for the plight of mankind.  The following example is pulled from chapter twenty six as the evil horde try to swarm our heroes last stand.  In human terms, this is where the cavalry might come charging out of a draw in heroic rescue.  In Imagery terms, the earth, sea, and sky take over.  Read below and see what we mean.

Lo surged under them in preparation of knowing.  Tile murmured under hiding, as if time approached for fullness of reveal to those waiting on beach.

Wind held its strength for time approaching, taking care to let rustle of leaves tell of horde.

Men and women stood side by side for brave stand in half circle of beach, letting Word of Way go before them, taking sense from tremble of leaf and rise of stench of hordes of filthy bodies.

Wind caught of same, growing in rapid advance of dark swirl of cloud, forcing vapor of storm and sea to ascend of high estate, to return as sharpened stones of wrath of hail, then again on high to repeat until weight of size compelled tearing fall of destruction.

Lightning flared upon hiding places of horde, who chose this moment to crowd together in hiding just beyond sight of those in half circle on beach.

Sharp hail struck with stunning force of nature only upon either side of mankind on beach.  Streaming hail stripped leaf and limb from protective overhang letting mankind see and understand way of horde, stunning and eroding death upon those who lurked in shame of hiding.

Men and women of stand hushed together in line, long swords drawn for battle, gleaming from each flare of lightning.

Lo shook ground behind horde, urging them to destruction by taking huge trunks of trees in slap of ground, crushing those too slow or bunched to move.  Boulders hurled in sequence sending crashing of more upon horde.

Horde filled air with scream of battle lust, pouring forth in dense wave of attack, programmed from birth to overcome by weight of numbers.  Hundreds fell as hail and lightning followed step of charge.  More stinking horde collapsed in ravine as lo opened under them, swallowing in crush of earth by hundred counts at each trembling crack.

Tile of new position chose this moment to cast off cover of lo, shooting brilliant beams in thunderous roar into those hordes that poured over ground in reinforcement of those in attack.

Still horde came on without flinch for they knew no other way, straight toward quivering prey of mankind.

Other scenes repeat the wrath of nature on the evil hordes for the sake of mankind, using whirlwind of tornado, fountains of the deep, hurl of boulder, and sudden fall of earth under stamp of wild beast.  In this manner the earth, sea, and sky reflect Imagery.  Imagery can indeed make the way you write just as marketable as what you write.

The next time you write, try to use a sense of Imagery, to see what it can do for you.  Contact, with your questions, comments, and more amazing possibilities with Imagery.