What Happens When the Trees Fight Back? – Part Four
Gone! Song is far removed from the battlefield, her sacrifice still of obvious dent to all those who stood of awe below. Gone were the last elements of those fierce brigades of flying teeth on the wing, which for years held dread of man and Forest of Quinn. Gone too, was Cre – lo – Way, tucked away safe with his love, Song, under the woven branches of the Forest of Quinn. No man or beast dare approach within miles of this predatory moment as the weeping Forest of Quinn takes care of its own.
But what of our battle? The forces of evil know the queen is gone! Gone at last with her preventive force, sealing them a step away from victory. How do the forces of light stand in strength when their queen is gone. The image of her falling in rolling measure across their vision, openly bleeding her life away in a screaming rotation of fall, plants in each warrior. How then does it all end? Check it out below or get the entire novel, Chronicles of Orm, book one, Legend of Cre – lo – Way, at Amazon.com.
Cre – lo – Way turned his thoughts to that of Song. Setting course of lo, he leaned for hurry to his love once again, letting Cre flow away from him, delighted to arrive to her open arms of love as Orm.
Forest of Quinn opened before him, letting flurry of battle look ease away and let newness of sweet blossom know each branch.
Orm eased tired feet into healing water next to her.
Song leaned into his look for worry for him, taking his hand to her cheek for concern.
Orm sighed of deep content, letting wash of Spirit of Healing course through him. He let her caress of love renew attitude in him from turmoil of fight to focus instead on her sweet liveliness. He reached again to kiss her pretty lips as on a certain day of first, now long ago.
Looking to her shoulders and back, he expected to find wrath of scar. Instead he smiled of nod of appreciation.
Song smiled back in nod. “Healing of waters of Forest of Quinn accomplished that upon me, sending scar of beast to naught, but instead knew my heart with blessing. Now instead of cruel scar, I wear decorative row of finely stitched peach petals. In this manner, all may know that intent of dark reach is overcome of Love of Light and Way of Truth of Life.”
Orm let shake of tears know him as beauty once again reigned beside him.
All of land shared his moment of filling of gladness and held all motion for him of tribute.
Sea again let its endless rollers find an end, smoothing out to Peaceful Rest.
Wind held its ceaseless roaming, letting Peace reign in heavens above them.
All of nature held silent, even to popping of new blossom and stir of wing of tiny insect.
Mankind felt of hush and nodded with those who knew, for Right set about to reset time of man for good rather than evil.
Song felt stirring of song within her, as did Orm. As one, they stood away from healing waters of Forest of Quinn, letting lo stir under them in happiness of lift of guide.
In wide slow circles they turned from Forest of Quinn which waved of many blossomed branches for them of tribute, letting depth of sweet scent cover their leave of travel.
Song let throat start as Word of Life filled her.
“Oh – oh – and –aye again
We fly together as loves first stand
Let world know of Life and Way
How Light is overcome to stay!”
Orm laughed in merry humor, catching her Spirit of delight of Song.
“Oh – oh – and – aye again
Indeed is Love of Life here to span
All of creation in sweetness of open hand
Let men know of gift from Light
And turn to Way with all of might.
She leaned into him and he into her as lo knew his heart and changed direction of course to that of Peace and Rest under waterfall of Cre Place.
Together they murmured of sweet delight.
“How can we be certain
How can we know of Way
When will answer be open
And our lips hold note of say
For onward we ride to adventure learn
Together in lift of Light of know
To share message wherever we go
Orm turned in final circle before Cre Place, careful to carry his love in arms of delight as lo set them down in gladness of bringing.
Tile sent arching salute of peach color for her and crimson and green for him, letting salute ring forth in volume of crescendo, rising over land and sea, until all of this earth knew beyond any shadow of doubt, that love rests eternal where love is shared in woman and man…

Check out more examples of Imagery at fictionbypalmer.me. And stay tuned. Book two – Of Birth and Rejection is well on the way. Hmmm, Song finds her everyday activities suddenly halted by nausea. All of nature holds still for an announcement, yet…