Where Love Finds a Way – Part Two

How then would Orm and Song share their love with others who feel of same joining?  Follow Roth and Heen as they establish love of first, then to others as shown in Chronicles of Orm, book one, Legend of Cre – lo – Way, available in experimental form on Amazon.com.



He shook his head again and forced smile back.  “But first of all, village must gather of joy, for today words will be spoken over you, that your union might be commenced for new to begin among us.  He glanced from Roth to Heen, but stopped in assay as he looked full upon his love with equal meaning…

Song blushed full in receiving his look, but shrank not back or looked away, but instead lifted her chin of confidence in his love, returning same for him.

Tile began merry tunes of song and dance, setting tone of celebration of times of new.  Heen picked up edge of her skirt, swishing to one side of Roth, then of other as he laughed in merry answer.  Letting his hand join hers, they wheeled in accord of music of tile.  Song stepped of Orm, letting serious ask enter her eyes for him.  Orm smiled with twinkle of merry filling his eyes as he let laughter match that of Roth.  He let his hands also match that of Song as he whisking her away in follow of step of dance.  Other men and women of village joined as festival of vow of new life became them…

Tile at Orm Way and Cre Point announced of same, sending gatherers in quick scurry to put away that of work, to become blessed in dance to festival of vow of new life.  Many a young man met with question of look from young lady as dance and tunes bore full effect of love upon those who danced.

None knew that press of time forced Word of Way to stir young hearts to love.  Rather, young couples twirled away from main dance, letting touch of hand and beating of heart explain full upon them as eyes of lady filled with that which Song told to Orm in first rush of embrace. Each twirling couple marked passing of each village from way of old of survival to that which festival of vow of new life proclaimed among them…

Orm chuckled as wave of new passed from Word of Life through each one, setting stage for Orm to declare for Roth and Heen.

He raised his hands for announce of Word to begin.

All of nature stopped of degree of turning, to watch of glad receiving.

Dancers held each other of close, letting glad breath and smile of joining seem as one with them.  Orm needed to wait as excited jubilee wanted for continue, as pounding hearts and hold of hand didn’t want to let recede know them.

Tone of tile changed to twinkling of assent of love for Roth and Heen who stood together in front of Orm for all to see of witness.

“Here is life begun in all of us.  To find love in each other of continue, that fullness of life might know you to fill and dwell where none dwelt before.”

He looked full at Heen, then back to Roth.  “Roth?  Are you in willing spirit to take Heen in vow of new life?  To look for her smile at each arrival, knowing her love for you?”

Roth suddenly choked in gladness of expression, bringing murmur of laugh in merry at occasion.  Orm let laugh also fill him, joining in glad array as he knew for Roth.

Roth stood tall for Heen, placing his hand over hers.  “Yes!  This and more I pledge.  Willing am I to give myself for her, knowing more of same of return.  I will guard that which is new in us, teaching Light of Life to all for understanding.  May this day stand as marker for us!”

Orm turned to Heen, who could barely keep her countenance in upward bearing for words.  “Heen?  You know of declare of Roth for you, how he knows Word of Way for you.  Do you in turn declare for him only?  That Way of new life be known in you willing of spirit to bear?  Will you also look for his smile at each arrival, knowing his love for you?”

Heen burst full out in tears of love for Roth, matched in flow by those ladies around her.

She nodded her head for affirm and stuttered her approval, wiping tears of glad away for need of continue.  “Yes!  With all of my heart will I accept him, knowing more of same of return.  I too, will guard that which is new in us, teaching Light of Life to all for understanding.  May this day stand as marker for us!”

Orm smiled in choke, not daring to look at Song for continue stood of must for him.  “Let this day be as marker for remembrance of way of new life among us.  May those who are in finding of love as these, announce as this day.  Mark it upon your hearts all you of witness, for bearing of new life is for all of us to support in word and deed.  Take this task upon you for serious, that blessing of new life may burst full among you!”

He looked over at Song with wink of final, who stepped of rush toward Heen with other ladies.  Burst of laughter of glad swept over assembly, letting couples twirl again in fullness of swelling.

Song stepped away as Song of degree overcame her to pronounce.  Stepping up on lo, she circled in happy wave as Song flowed of ancient word at first, letting ancient times add blessing as times of old sought to do.  Finally lip turned for Word of purpose.

Tile turned note to match for her, causing all to pause in her turn for declare.

–Orchestration starts symphony of love–

“Oh – oh – oh – aye.

We are gathered here this day

To celebrate both near and fair

These lives to hold and share

Oh – oh – oh – aye

So let love bring forth what it may

For way of new life to have say

We declare it for marker this day…

Oh – oh – oh – aye…”

–Orchestration continues in long play as sweep of light marches around those of wed—


You’ve noticed then, how love finds a way in this world, even though times are stiff with danger.  What then of those others who know that same press of time swirling around them, yet…  They also know the length of stay from one soft hand to another, the shielded blush of warmth to one another as liquid pools of love stare in overcoming fascination.  What then of these and more as Legend of Cre – lo – Way turns from fighting against the halls of sorrow to that of spring of new life and light among them?

Find out in Love finds a Way – Part Three



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