What Happens When the Trees Fight Back?  Part Two

Part One displayed the fear of death of all who entered the Forest of
Quinn.  For good reason for if one would dare to venture within range of its much heralded branches, you would be met with a lethal barrage of arrows.  How then could Cre – lo – Way and Song, along with her escorts not only step up close, but be welcomed and able to walk at will among those ancient roots.  This and more as those singing arrows of the Forest of Quinn are used in battle.  What happens when the horrid beasts of prey of Tor del’ Gulle try to kill the hosts of light?  Do you know?  Grab you light throw and settle back, for this is easy reading for delight of all who enter Forest of Quinn with us.

Song knew her part, though none of these spoke before her.  She led speed of assault upon remaining Hankuim until her estimate of range knew her.  Setting finger to arrow, she let quickness of eye of mind set her point and let loose first singing arrow of Quinn in over one thousand years of wait.  Bow sang of potent release, casting singing arrow of forth to destroy.  Arrow launched of song of death, vibrating in pickup of speed until it hit next Hankuim with such destructive force as to move it sideways of flight, exploding from gaping wound and shriek of death.

Song looked at her hands for explain.  For I barely had of strength to pull bow, yet speed increased from release.  How can such go from within me?

Her ladies of singing arrows of Quinn knew point of attack from her example.  Quickly, seven more shafts sang in spirited flight to exact death upon four more Hankuim and three Topeek, whose high pitched shrieks carried far back into land, causing many of dark reach cause for dismay.

Elif pointed for Semm of 10th and Ret’ leif of 14th.  “Go, for these last two are appointed for you!”  Needing no urge of more they leaned forward of lo for catch, feeling wrath of Light become them.  Hankuim knew as such and turned of flight and wild beating of wings, letting power strokes aid in flee.  Semm of 10th swerved in follow of Hankuim, setting his hand for Light to bear as never before from him.  Flash grasped hold from him, stirring from his hand in splintering array around and through flight of beast, sending it in stone cold stun of death to waiting sea.

Ret’ leif curved as did last Hankuim, which wanted to draw him away from shrieking Topeek.  His hand came up with flash as same, spilling fragments of daggers of light around and through beast of air, which also fell of cold stone of stun of death to waiting sea.

Ladies of singing arrows of Quinn drew away from battle in pursuit of squawking youth, letting those who didn’t lose arrow of first, learn of wonder for each.  Four more singing arrows of Quinn shot in haste of flight, impacting in Topeek with force enough to splinter four beasts from end to end, which twirled down of gaping wound for sea to again catch to never more roam earth for prey.

Those few Topeek in remain fled for low flight of escape, letting fear of Light and singing arrows of Quinn aid their speed back to dark reach.

Song circled lo to adjust her search just above waves of sea, dipping her hand in question.  Something remains to do…  Something I must see to amend, but what is it?  Images of battle flashed through her mind, of monstrous beasts being slammed sideways in midair by ferocity of impact by her singing arrows of Quinn.  She snapped awake, her lips moving to sea.  “That’s it!  Those beautiful shattered arrows!”

Other ladies of singing arrows of Quinn dipped down next to her for concern, for this action by Song caught them off guard.  They followed her lead, holding still of lo just above wave of sea in waiting…

Song dipped her hand again to sea thinking of heroic broken shafts of Quinn.  “We must pay tribute of honor for those who are fallen…”

Sea current obliged her fancy, letting her call search rock of sea and floating abandon, peeling away firm of beast to carry every fiber of shaft to Song of first, then to each lady of singing arrows of Quinn in respect to that which flew from each during battle.

Song picked up sodden pieces from sea with respect in bow of head and tremble of her nimble fingers.  She looked up in question to those around her.  “Come!  We must give honor to whom honor is due.  Take that which current brings and follow me.”

Cre – lo – Way learned of her plan through wind of sea, which hushed around him for mystery of message.  Cre lowered his head of respect.  “What Song is about to present has never before been accomplished in our history…  How will Forest of Quinn react?”

Nature gasped of pleasure of honor as plan revealed through Way of Word as Song and her escorts approached Forest of Quinn.

Tile flashed brilliant strobes of peach colored salute in honor of Song, ringing bells of herald of her.

Forest of Quinn trembled of warning of approach of riders, then changed tremble to glad tidings as Song became plain to them through voice of Song…

“Oh – oh – oh – aye

In tribute here we pay

In return for that you richly gave

May this day mark time in Word

Beyond our borders until all are heard

What you gave ‘er battles plight

To help us overcome in fight

In salute we wish to tell

Hold that of great reward

Until all know of equal accord…”

Forest of Quinn waved lethal shafts of arrows upright in waves of passion for Song as she stepped among them, followed by her escort.  Branches bowed at her step, sweeping ground in rattle of dance not performed before human for generations.  Thousands of branches rattled in sequence of motion, spanking hard of ground of deafening begin of chant.  Branches gathered of spring to sweep up in fanfare of care to open again to wind and sky, hanging there of spread of care for her.  Motion hung still until branches plunged in echoing brilliance of sequence until performed for each of Song and her escorts, as if chanting majesty of moment for all of world to hear.

Ancient root pulled back as Song and her ladies approached center of forest, where healing waters flowed in plenty, gurgling in abandon through centuries of roots.  Old roots groaned of moving, taking their ancient roots away from center so lo could raise mound of soft moss covered rock for tribute.

Song took care lest a single fiber might spill out of place.  She placed shattered arrow of first draw onto wide mound of purpose, then started to pull away only to step back again to place her hand over remnants.  She bowed her head as tears of gratitude fell on mound.

Oldest root of Forest of Quinn sent new shoot in rapid habit of growth, curling up side of mound and over to touch her hand of answer.  Growing tip of branch curled around her hand and arm, winding its point to her shoulder as she held of still of reverence of ancient forest root.  Tip of root swept her cheek of next tear and next until her tears stopped of her and gladness overcame grief of passing.

She nodded as enough knew her, breaking stern look to that of happiness, letting vine of growth unwrap from her to turn in growth to that of knit.  Growing tip weaved of dance of knit forming arch of triumph over that which lay forever of rest on mound in center of Forest of Quinn.

Root stirred of again, sending new shoots of different of appearance to Song and other ladies.  Song felt stirring within her as new vine wrapped around her fingers in tight regard, squeezing as if imparting life of root to her.  Ladies bowed as tightness gathered to each caused hand to gasp for strength of grasp of it.

Song opened her eyes as gift of Forest of Quinn knew her fingers.  Each lady gasped as same came upon them, knowing at once of imparting of gift to fingers of blessed hands.

Growing points unwrapped of tight grasp, letting Song and other to marvel at imprint of point of arrowhead on each fingernail.  Song smiled as branches pulled away for one last crescendo of rattle of branches of Quinn.  Gathering in mighty heaves they smacked ground of rattle after rattle lest anyone person of world not yet know of deed done to these.  In gathering together, branches swept up again to open in full spread to sky in full majesty of Forest of Quinn.

Song bowed of curtsey to those ancient roots, followed one by one of her escort, then stepped again of lo, to turn in circles of flight over Forest of Quinn which stood still in flush of award for them as they flew away.

Cre – lo – Way waited for them in high perch above, observing all Forest of Quinn did for her and others, also as overwatch of ceremony lest dark reach choose that time with task to spoil all among them.

Song found her heart leap in flutter for her love as she held out her hands for him to see.  He held hands of hers in respect, reaching them to his lips for kiss of confirm from Cre – lo – Way upon her.  “What is given to you is of first to mankind from Forest of Quinn.  Truly great value is imparted with touch.”  He pulled her fingers closer for look.  His eyes widened at his appraisal.  “Indeed, has Forest of Quinn become one with you and you with forest.  See?”  He gently turned her hand so she could see her fingernails turning to sharp dart of arrowhead of Forest of Quinn.  “It seems as if you are now joined forever with ancient roots.  Wonder what these will be capable of, don’t you?”

Song nodded as she felt fingernails hardening of rapid growth to hard tip.  “Hmmm.  I shall have to be careful with these, lest puncture happen to those around me in accident.

Others of her escort gasped as same became to them.

Song smiled of craftiness.  “I know of purpose for it is given me to know of ancient root.  From now on we have second line of weaponry to use to accompany us in battle against dark reach.  To throw in hurl of death when battle presses in close stance upon us.  These…”  She lifted her fingers to show others.  They lifted their hands and fingers to her in answer.  “These will be known to those who seek us out to destroy, who gather against us in thick rush to overcome our defense.  Now those who try will find multitude of sharp point hurling them back in throw of death…”  She curled her fingers back down and bowed her head.  “For gift it is from forest below, never to be used of proud jest or jealous regard, but to employ in battle of dark reach.”

Did you check your fingernails?  Do you want to ride with song and her escorts into the next battle with the courtyards blazing brilliant colors ahead and around you?  Ride with song and her escort in battle anew but in careful watch – for one must fall…