A real way to earn your business – by writing white papers.

Of honor and wisdom of understanding before our Lord.  10-21-13

Remember King David as he ran from threat after threat, how in the middle of very difficult circumstances chose to remember God’s promises.  By reflecting instead on God and His Blessings, King David could rise above that which pursued him by not becoming as they were, full of evil intent at every step.  He chose to honor God and seek His face, to forge his plans around understanding of the Lord.  He knew the lesson of Proverbs 19: 20+21 along with 20:5.

‘Listen to counsel and accept discipline, that you may be wise the rest of your days.

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but the counsel of the Lord, it will stand.

A plan in the heart of a man is like deep water, but a man of understanding draws it out.

To write from my own experience is one thing.  To thoroughly research a difficult topic leading to new business ventures and then write about them is quite another thing.  That is my situation, finding a way to parlay my experience in management and sales to match those requirements in writing business white papers.

Much like my years of business to business presentations, writing white papers takes a highly developed sense of drawing out of a business a number of researchable items.  These include deciphering the real objectives, not those that declare for false attention.  Then, one must dig further to discover a true needs assessment with clear definitions. 

Next, a systematic approach to develop a workable outline and discussion of the facts.  This occurs over time with key interviews from those who know from experience or teaching what the correct values have to offer.

Do you know how to write a hook that will stand on its own as a lure you might use in fishing?  That is the challenge for a writer:  to snare a title so compelling that the ideal reader will have to continue! 

Similarly, a first page written correctly will make or break a white paper, very similar to my twenty years of experience on farm after farm.  I had to learn the hard way to fashion my initial proposal to fit his/her understanding in order to gain their interest and earn an allotment of time. 

My next goal was to go fishing;  to discern what priorities are of key importance, what points are acceptable to pursue against those which only scream for panic of time but really aren’t of true nature.  In this manner, my text might flow of strength of real definition of solutions, rather than deal with shallow interests.

What follows next is a series of benefits, with obvious examples for clarity, that a reader might find in the right solution to their stated problems.  Leading this progression to a sensible conclusion, the author wants to place his ideal solution in such a way that the benefits of what he is about to propose will answer every noted question in a way that would make that solution desirable to purchase.

Sometimes a diversion to an example from history might add weight to a certain point, helping the ideal reader to ‘see’ a point with greater clarity or to add value to the statements you are making.  Similar in use is a graph or two with specific points of interest or quotes from known experts about the subject.

At last is the answer: your idea, product, or service that fits the bill, that will put the ideal readers hands on your solution such as on a landing page or to call the number listed within a certain time or a direct purchase.  Your company, products or services should become the only source of interest as a solution for the problems outlined at the start.  

In this manner you hope to accomplish one of two things in marketing:  To lead a prospect to consider your company in a new light of understanding, whether that be as a thought leader or as offering the real solution they are seeking, turning that prospect at length into a cherished customer.  The next would be to solidify your position with existing customers so that they purchase additional products from you and put you at the top of their respective ‘go-to’ lists.  Rarely, but not impossible, both might be accomplished within the same proposal.

So what does writing white papers and using my experience have to do with King David and his attitude adjustments?  Simply this: To honor God in all that I do!

I place my gift of writing and my interest in this new business before His throne, before I go ahead on my own in rash eagerness of pursuit.  I especially like Proverbs 20:5, where the writer of Proverbs stakes his claim, for I intend to wade those deep waters in His strength of guidance, that His source of understanding will also be my source of understanding, that my writing will be of purpose and use to further His work among men, to indeed, shed the Light of His Salvation on all who might believe. 

Will you stand with me?  Will you pray for me, that I might not be distracted by the common lures of man.  That what benefits I may write in business will parlay into finances to bring my novels into the light of mainstream readers lost in darkness – for His names sake!

Thank you for your interest in Imagery by Palmer, Fictionbypalmer@gmail.com.,  and Chronicles of Orm.



                                                                   Author Terry Palmer