Do you remember?  Do you have that one or two special memories that flash back, ( in a good way,) to a day from your youth.  You see, I found that large set of cooking pots, the ones my mom used when we were just little boys.  Just holding those pots took me back, coming in from playing outside in the cold northern Wisconsin winterscape and walking into our kitchen and there it was…  That large metal pot was more than just bare metal, no, no.  This was a pot of memories.  You see, when a young boy as full of rascal and wonder as I was walked into our kitchen, I didn’t mildly speculate about a certain item.  No, no, I was stand on tip toes and peek in curious.  Wonderful aromas of an all afternoon cooking chili made our little tummies yearn for that which would fill along with her homemade bread or rolls. When I held that empty bowl that is what crashed my mind.  That little rascal of a boy in me made a plan.  By that afternoon chili ingredients blended together, making a hot sizzle excite my taste buds and longing for that same filling experience we witnessed as kids.  But I knew that patience in the kitchen brought great rewards so I let it cook… and cook… and cook.  Mmmmm, the entire house seemed to get in on the act.  Flavors lifted through our home, twitching memory after memory as that precious dinner cooked to culinary perfection.  It even spoiled a late afternoon nap that usually found me in my favorite chair along with old faithful dog at my side.  Before the game of the week started I held that precious bowl of sizzling chili, complete with sprinkle of grated cheese, slices of warm buttered bread, and tall glass of cold milk.  I looked at that assembly which made me think how fortunate I was and still am for a God fearing mother who loved us boys, toiled this much for our little tummies, and gave us a rich treasure of memories this good. A second bowl later, with the game going great, ( yeah, come on Packers ), I did think again of those treasures of days gone by but relived by a simple metal pot.