Wonderful blessing from my daughter Faye as she related her blessing from God. How would you react if your daughter called you about this?

Praise the Lord, Praise Him and be Blessed.
How immeasurable are His delights, when poured forth through a son or daughter.
My daughter, Faye, received a wonderful blessing of the Lord this past Saturday evening while making an ice tea run to the local store. Do you ever wonder about God, how He can turn a simple run to the store into an opportunity for Him? Ever wonder how darkness must shudder as it is cast aside before His Light and His Way? This is what happened to Faye.
For darkness was cast aside at that precise moment as a young lady came up to my daughter with question on her lips and grief and bad voices in her mind. She wanted to know how Faye did it; how she seemed to have a gentle spirit and was able to cope in life with Calm Assurance. For this girl didn’t have calm assurance or peace but rather bad voices telling her to do wrong things.
Faye shared that she had Jesus in her heart and that made the difference. Over the course of the next two hours, Faye put her timetable on hold as this lady poured out her heart, how her life didn’t have the Peace that Faye lived by action and word.
Faye listened and understood and at that spot led the lady to Jesus. At that moment darkness took the big hit and the lady welcomed Peace and Calm Assurance into her life. Did you hear the angels break forth in chorus?
Then Faye taught the lady a simple song we used to sing at home when the girls were little; to sing and help her along His Way. Do you know it? ‘Unto thee, oh Lord, do I lift up my soul, unto thee oh Lord, do I lift up my soul. Oh my God, I trust in thee, let me not be ashamed and let not my enemies triumph over me.’ For you see, the lady had a tough situation at home and needed something to ‘take with her’ to keep darkness at bay.
How about you, friend in Christ? Are you looking for opportunity? Even though times may seem rough, do you still know Him and show Him? Next time you go on an ice tea run or whatever else God uses to put you in the right place at the right time, listen, learn, and lean on Him, for the person next to you might desperately need to know about Jesus. This lady did!