What a fun time.  Have you ever tried this?

Weekend adventures with grandkids.  My grandson, now a busy four, ‘discovered’ the wonders of a squirt gun this weekend.  He carefully mastered the fine art of dipping the gun into the wading pool and let it bubble until full.  Then he carefully reattached the end plug and let his imagination take over.

I was quick to notice his propensity to aim the quick jet of water toward the safety of my lawn swing.  Needing to distract his steady eye and careful aim, I pointed up and directed him to shoot it straight up, then stand still as the jet of water fell back down on him.  “Go ahead – shoot the breeze!”

Darling little Ella, now a watchful five, figured out my plan in a second.  Taking her squirt gun she stood with her brother in action pose.  “See papa, I can ‘shoot the breeze’ too!”

For the balance of the morning as they played in the backyard, the squirt guns returned to focus in another ‘shoot the breeze’ session.  Who knows, maybe this will prepare them for long social engagements in some backyard of the future where they’ll be able and equipped to ‘shoot the breeze’ with wild abandon.