Try this with your granddaughter-

Weekend adventures with grandkids.  I just had to do it!  Yup, just had to…  You see, I was caught between two great events – holding my granddaughter or watching football.  Then the question came to mind – has my ‘little precious one’ been introduced to the fine art of watching football with papa?

The question seemed to hang in the air as play after play sequenced to my satisfaction, even for preseason football.  Would my little girl grow up to understand the difference between a tight end and a split end?  Would she discern between an end sweep and a quick burst up-the-middle?  These questions and more had to be answered – so I did it.  Yup, just had to.  I propped up the precious little one who is almost perfect in every way into the cradle of my left arm – so I could still cheer on my team with my right arm, you know, so little Laura Beth could learn the appropriate timing and reflex with gusto!

She stared in fascination at the bright colors and fast moving shapes on the screen.  Then it happened.  She smiled and leaned back into my arm with a soft but distinct ‘coo’ sound.  See?  Watching football with papa is a good thing for her proper development.  Next task is teaching her how to swing her arm and fist and yell in unison with papa – Go Packers!