Does this ring a bell with you?

Blog for 8-27-2012

Weekend adventures with grandkids!  My grandson David, now a busy four, discovered pinch style clothes pins this weekend while playing in papa’s backyard.  First, the metal spring fascinated him as he worked the spring open and shut in quick pace.  Then the moment of discovery as he noticed the pinching end could be applied to a variety of purposes, just begging for his imagination to open as well.

It did.  Within minutes, the pinch end ended up on his tongue.  The surprised look in his pinched face told of his response and instant recovery.  Next the pinching end moved in process from tongue to bottom lip, to nose, to ear, then ended up on his tiny finger which seemed an acceptable pain level for a moment as he soon had four fingers ‘snapped’ with clothes pins.  Proud of his achievement, he ran across the yard waving his pinned fingers for me to see.

His acceptance of pain faded rapidly as the pins flew off in obvious relief.  His imagination, however, wasn’t pinched shut.  The clothes pins arrived at new locations throughout the backyard as his thoughts and actions dictated, finally ending up needing to be washed in the wading pool and spread out on the grass to dry.  His brand new squirt gun came into play, serving a new purpose as he paced the long rows and ‘rinsed’ the pins several times for good measure.

His squirt gun became the next source of amusement in adventure two – how to ‘shoot the breeze’!