As i write by blog for today it is with heavy heart as you will read.  What about you, as you write for His Glory, how do events as described effect you or your writting?

Blog for 8-8-12

So sad in my heart and soul for America.  Copied the latest list of best selling fiction from Nielson Booklist.  So sad then to find man’s ‘wisdom’ drawn to porn and every evil way, to indeed find the ‘top ten’ as darkness upon man.  I can’t bring my fingers to key the names here so as to not exalt darkness for it is shame to America. 

I’m not that surprised I suppose but reading the list both in book form and audio books takes me back to my backyard in spring of 2008.  For in my backyard, on that old lawn swing when I was recovering from a massive change in my life, that God placed an urging in my heart and soul, to write for Him, to speak out in that writing against all forms of wickedness in high places such as this ‘top ten list’, to rip away the thin veil of deceit purposely laid with evil intent to draw man away from Truth.

So my writing is this empowered by His Word in 1 John 1:5.  And this is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all.

So my characters fight and speak out against evil in all forms not in their own strength but in His name against legion of darkness seeking to oppose His Way using stories from scripture placed in modern day settings to expose the basic fight of mankind, of His Good vs. evil.

This morning I found my Bible reading drawn to story of Queen Esther and how evil found opportunity to seek to destroy Jews from the earth.  Then how God used a beautiful young woman and faithful old man to step out in faith, putting His Way above themselves in faith.  Can we do any other?

I’m reminded of this daily from scripture and as I learn the business part of writing.  How to take that which is given and place it in form that God may use as he did in our example if that is His Will.  How God used an attractive woman and wise old man to accomplish His purpose that my writing be used as well for His purpose, to expose evil of every sort in direct conflict to the ‘top ten’ list.  This is my goal to write a separate content worthy of a ‘top ten’ standing but in Spirit and Truth rather than evil so that the world may know, and knowing, turn from darkness to His Truth.

Christian writer, hold to the course God gives you, stepping ahead in faith, as men and women of old set as example.  Who knows, before the Lord, what you place in market might be just the exact Word someone needs to read to halt them from darkness.  God bless you this day, amen.