Blog for 7- 24-12

‘Strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow…’  Up early this morning with the Lord and my writing…, watching and listening as He speaks, listening to a grand old hymn.  Yes, Lord, great is thy faithfulness.  Do you feel it this morning?  Are you awake in person but also in His Spirit?

Can’t help but praise the Lord as he reveals His Truth through the Word. 

Blessed time in writing this early a.m. as cloudy low sky lent a yellow peachy cast to the air, making the east windows glow as if His Presence stood with me.

 Have to marvel in times like this as hundreds of words flow as if from a readymade scroll in my mind, ready to be keyed in rhythm to the old hymn of faith.  Special time with the Lord…  Here comes the next hymn.  Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.  Sing it with me, will you?

How ‘bout you this morning?  Lord speakin’ to ya?