Is this a Rite of spring?

To take grandson and granddaughter for a long walk on an early spring day,

Watching their eyes take it all in, wanting to run and play.

Little David, now proudly three, takes a look at a puddle, what does he see?

Does he see a puddle as I do, or is it a mystery to examine for free?

With a flourish of spray he jumps in for fun, losing his balance and falls back in shock,

What will he do, I wonder for a second, as he looks at his wet pants, hands, and yells to the whole block,

Hee, hee, this is fun, come on grandpa, come on, just a bit,

I laugh as I remember me doing the same thing, not wanting to quit.

So I join him in splash, making him grin and dash,

Race you to the next one, he’s off with a dash.

An’ I wonder – is this a Rite of Spring?