Ever felt this way?  A notable story character dies suddenly, leaving a void in the story and in each reader’s heart?  What then?  Does one grieve as in real life?  Hmmm, here is my blog about the event.  You tell me…

Old man memory and example.

My writing early this morning led me to memory before the Lord.  For one of my characters, an older man given to the ministry with all his heart, soul, and spirit, is suddenly taken by the Lord.  I didn’t expect this, neither did my characters, but it reminded me in stark detail of the wonderful joy another old man experienced in the service of the Lord.

My memory tells me how this crippled old man, virtually unknown became a leader by example and word.  For the church had a problem.  Our growing AWANA Club had so many youngsters wanting to recite verses on any given night, we didn’t have time or people to simply hear a child recite from memory, the Word of God hidden in their hearts.  Out of desperation, I approached the senior group, in fear and trembling, to ask for volunteers to listen, to not lead, or do games, or even help teach, just listen to verses.  Weeks went by until the old man turned to the senior group in a Spirit of Passion.  “I’m going to help those young kids learn verses even if it kills me and you can too.”

 Picture now with me this old man, barely able to negotiate the ten steps down to the basement, but with a smile a mile wide as he tried, because he knew the blessing of hearing each little child recite a verse with excitement.  Each night he would say.  “It makes me so happy, happier than I’ve been in years.  I wouldn’t miss this for anything.”  Soon others followed until we had the entire senior group helping listen to verses.  The Lord blessed that time as we filled the church basement with over a hundred kids, learning His Word.  What a blessing to look forward to each Wednesday evening…

Then it happened.  The Lord took our happy old man home.  His words still echo in my mind from time to time.  “I have nothing else to give, but I’d rather do this for God while I’m still able, than to stand by and do nothing for Him just because I’m old.  It makes me so happy, happier than I’ve been in years.  I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

I based my character, Reggie, after this old man, sorry to say, my memory didn’t come up with his name.  But how about me?  What excuse do I throw out there?  Do I believe with all my heart, soul, and spirit as my old man did to the point of his passing, happier in His service during  his last year, than for many years previous?

Oh Lord, help me stand for you, though darkness press hard, and this old body aches.  Show me Lord, how to see with your eyes, and feel with your heart, and know with your Spirit, that which you have for me in your service, amen.