What If My Words Could Sing, 

What would their anthem be?

Would they sing of His Cross,

What he did there for me?

Would they sing of Mercy and Grace?

Of my desire to seek Your Face?

Yeah, oh Lord, what if my words could sing!


For you make me rise

While no light is in the skies

Putting pen in hand

Giving vision so wonderful, so grand, so great to understand!


Words spring onto page with flurry

What’s this?  Greater vision?  Write pen, hurry,

Of words cascading in my mind

Weaving dance, a symphony to wind

To place themselves in order to bind

Your Word on a heart, oh Lord, so Kind!


What if my words could sing?

What would their anthem be?

Would they sing of Your Love,

Your Tender Mercies, of Peace, descending like a Dove?


Would they proclaim that You are Light

To a world in darkness and fright?

Would they know in the reading thereof

Of Your Tears shed for them in Love?

Would they feel Your Spirit reaching out

To cast aside hate or fear, with a Word from above?


And yet…, it is too much to bear

to know vision, burden, to feel Your Flair

in spirit to win each lost one…, to know Your care…


In Kindness He looked at me, knowing my

weakness in spite of His Cross…

“Will you stay your pen, while one is lost?”

“Will you stay your pen, despite the cost?”

“While thousands stumble in dark duress.”

“When I’ve given you Vision and Word and Utterance, my Best…”

“Will you wait?  Will you deny me too?  Will you fail my test?”


My spirit cried out in response to his call

SING OUT – OH PEN!, let not one fall

Sing out in anthem, in symphony of praise

Sing out with heavens voice, let not darkness erase

Let my pen Lord, SING, as I seek Your Face!