Have you purged your bins lately?  Today a group of us at my day job got together and pulled out missing product off the backroom bins and put what we could out on the store shelves, then put what remained back into the proper place, where the computer can find it again.  Amazing difference, cleared up so much unused bin space.

Sure then, wouldn’t you know, I read Matthew 5 this morning, the beatitudes.  How did God know that I needed to go through my own bins and purge some nasty stuff, old worn out ideas, prejudice, old hurt feelings.  They all had to go as I read about blessed is this person – who I couldn’t be without purging my bins first. 

Now I have more room for HIM.  Took quite a bit as I drove the back way to work, having a long talk, getting it all out, not the easy trivial stuff, but the heavy concrete had to go.  How do you spell relief?  I’d say PURGE and praise the Lord for it, for it cuts deep and wonderful and blessed says the Lord. 

So now I can say with my characters,  to keep it simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God.  It is my goal before Him to do this in my life and writing.  I’ve watched as my characters struggle through the same process, striving in their own way, fighting God to no avail, until they each stumble and fall – right into His Saving arms.

So where are you today, my friend?  Do you need Matthew 5 to help you purge your bins in order to make more room for Jesus in your life?  Are you willing to hand Him the broom and let Him sweep it all away, ready to fall in revival – right into His waiting arms?

When you do, you will discover – CALM ASSURANCE, PEACE, CLARITY, and how many more as Jesus takes up residence in the new space you made for Him.