So what do you do?  What do you say when confronted by a question or a challenge of your faith.  No, no, not in ‘easy’ times, but when you’ve already been stretched and you think you can’t stretch anymore and you still s t r e t c h , (no stretch marks here).  My characters hit this as their faith stood in question after a horrible terrorist attack blew their homes and security away.  How did they respond.  Stronger than I would that’s for sure.  But…, how ’bout you?  Stuck in a tough spot, never been here before?

Carrie and Stephen are right there, either pull back, forget this Christian stuff an’ run for the hills, or make a stand.  What would you do?

Chapter One Hundred and One

Herb looked around at the close group of friends.  “I’m about to recommend something that people will scoff at.  Not just a little scoff, as in that facebook thing, um, ROFLOL, rolling on floor laughing out loud at us,’ cause they, won’t have a measure of experience like we’ve had.  They won’t understand, so we’ll be at risk for being taken as fools.  Fools for Christ that is.”

Ted looked past the group with misty eyes, knowing where pastor was going.  “Yes, the Ephesians 6 thing.  They won’t know what we know.  They didn’t have the visions, the angels standin’ in glory, an…”

Herb nodded in appreciation to Ted.  That’s right.  Ted’s got it.  You see.  The next service will be a testament, same as before, but this time, how ‘bout we share our visions, and what the angels told us, both as a blessin’ to those who’ll believe, but also as the clear warnin’ that it is.  A clear warnin’ for the people to stop.  To cease from strivin’ and know God.  That’s the message, an’ I’m game to try it.”

Rita shivered as the image of the hideous creatures past into her memory.  “I’m not ‘fraid, ‘cause it’s true, simple an’ true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God.”  Then she paused, with a look of horror on her face.  They’re real all right, and so, um, can’t think of words to describe how horrid they really are, an’ you’re right, the people won’t know how real it is.  The angels and demons thing.  They won’t know ‘cause they didn’t see what we’ve seen, they won’t know the horror…”

She turned into Ted’s arms and covered her face in his big shoulder, shaking from the memory.

Herb looked past Ted and Rita into each set of eyes.  “See what I mean?  You know, an’ I know the realities of Ephesians 6.  So I think it’s time, an’…, I guess I’m askin’ each of you to think, in your own hearts an’ minds, ‘bout what you’d share, cause it’s time for the nation to know.”

Herb looked at Stephen and Carrie, standing back from the group.  “Carrie, you might be most at risk, might be your career on the line, for comin’ out with your testimony ‘bout what you saw an’ experienced, so…, I leave it to you, each of you.”

Stephen gripped his arm around Carrie.  “I know in my heart that this is the right thing to do, cause it’s the plain an’ simple truth.  You’re right too, that most people won’t understand.  It’s the right stand to take.  To not stand would be to deny my Lord and that’s…, that is something I can’t do.  I won’t shrink back from it.”

Carrie felt the strength of Stephen and nodded in echo.  “Yes, the same for me.  There is Strength in the Name of the Lord.  An’ know this.  Comin’ to know Christ, seein’ and watchin’ all that’s happened, in these few weeks.  It’s a lifetime of learnin’, all crammed into a few weeks for me.  I’m willin’ to lay it all on the line for Christ.”

Stephen looked down at the little spitfire he held.  “So that’ll be the challenge, won’t it?  Will each of us be willin’ to lay it all down at Jesus’ feet in faith, to show our passion for Christ, not knowing the outcome, just like my Carrie?  Or will we choose to stay within conventional wisdom; to take no risk, to show no passion, and not step out in faith, but stay within certain social bounds, so others might not even know our stand for Christ.  What is your choice?”