Remember the old hymn?  I’m pressing on the upward way, new heights I’m gaining everyday…  No, well you missed a good one.  So true in the Christian walk.  Recently I experienced a rejection letter, didn’t really get me down, just made me realize how much getting the message, the passion, to market means to me, not as much as an ego thing, not any more, but more my desire to share His message on my heart and my writing.

Makes me wonder?Are you down this first day of winter?  Too much bad news coming your way?  Seems like the problems are SSSOOO Big?  I have a friend that specializes in this area.  His name is Jesus and no problem is to big or too small for Him to not care.  Turn to Him , my blog reader, reach for His arms for Calm Assurance

A Bible teacher mentioned to me a great line which I used in my novel.  Jesus will always be ready for you.  Are you ready for Him?